Random Quote: Ordinarily, people are anxious to test their theories in practice, to learn from experience, but those who wield power are so anxious to establish the myth of their own infallibility that they turn their backs on the truth as squarely as they can. Politics means nothing to me. I don’t like people who are indifferent to the truth. – Boris Pasternak

John Stachurski

Born to Fish, Forced to Work

A brief self-introduction: I like mathematics and programming, which is good because they occupy most of my waking hours, along with some of my dreams. Currently I’m based at Australian National University, working on optimization and equilibrium problems in economics and finance.

In 2016, Tom Sargent and I founded QuantEcon, a US-based nonprofit organization that supports open source software for computational modeling in economics and related fields.

I have a book buying habit, especially when it comes to maths books. In my spare time I enjoy table tennis, sailing, fishing, skating, cooking, badminton, riding around on my F800R, listening to music, hanging out with my family and drinking beer with my no good friends. Like my Dad, I am interested in world history and anything to do with the ocean. Like my Mum, I love hiking, rivers and mountains.


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