Random Quote: Lebesgue’s first papers angered classical mathematicians. The very title of one of them, “On unruled developable surfaces,” seemed to them as outlandish as, say, “On gaseous ice” to a physicist or “On fishlike elephants” to a biologist. – N. Ya. Vilenkin, “In Search of Infinity”

John Stachurski

Here is a brief self-introduction: I like mathematics and programming, which is good because they occupy most of my waking hours, along with some of my dreams. Currently I am based at Australian National University, working on optimization and equilibrium problems in economics and finance.

In 2016, Tom Sargent and I founded QuantEcon, a US-based nonprofit organization that supports open source software for computational modeling in economics and related fields.

I have a book buying habit, especially when it comes to maths books. In my spare time I enjoy table tennis, sailing, fishing, cooking, riding around on my F800R, listening to music, hanging out with my family and drinking beer with my no good friends. Like my Dad, I am interested in world history and anything to do with the ocean. Like my Mum, I love hiking, rivers and mountains.