Random Quote: And in order to do good to others he would have needed, besides the principles which filled his mind, an unprincipled heart–the kind of heart that knows no general cases, but only of particular ones, and has the greatness of small actions. – Boris Pasternak


Research Interests

You can find my papers and books in my list of publications.


I’m currently based at the Research School of Economics at Australian National University. My previous faculty position was at Kyoto University. In recent years I’ve also taught in the graduate programs at NYU and the University of Minnesota.


My coauthors include, in alphabetical order, Costas Azariadis, Jaroslav Borovicka, Toni Braun, Yiyong Cai, Takashi Kamihigashi, Tomoo Kikuchi, Huiyu Li, Yin Liao, Qingyin Ma, Vance Martin, Leonard J. Mirman, Kazuo Nishimura, Yoshihiko Nishiyama, Jeno Pal, Kevin Reffett, Guanlong Ren, Ryszard Rudnicki, Tom Sargent, Alexis Akira Toda, Cuong Le Van, Ole Wilms and Junnan Zhang.

PhD Students (Chair)