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Econometrics with R

These computer labs provide an introduction to the R language using econometric examples. The labs relate loosely to the free econometrics text Econometric Theory but can be used independently. They assume no previous programming experience.

The labs are based around exercises. All exercises have solutions (at the bottom of each page).

Other Resources

Some useful R resources are listed below.


One option is to download the appropriate (Windows / Mac / Linux) binary from The R web site

But you might prefer to install RStudio, which is a new IDE for R.

If you have problems installing don’t give up. Try googling the error message.

Cheat Sheets

Here is a useful one

There are many tutorials and other cheat sheets on the web. Google if you want one.

Web Searches

Because of its one character name ‘R’, googling R queries can be problematic. The search sites below been developed to overcome this difficulty.

Other Reading

  • R-bloggers: Lots of news about and tutorials on R